Welcome To Ego Drum Supply

Mission Statement:

Focusing on high tech innovative drum hardware for the 21rst century drummer, Ego is dedicated to paying special attention to details that matter most. Whether it be, shape, function, quality, finish, or customer service, Ego will work to provide outstanding product integrity and customer support.

Company Info:

Using aerospace alloys and digital technology, Ego Industries offers finely crafted machine tooled drum hardware. All Ego products are made in the State of Oregon, in our private manufacturing facilities.

The members of our research and development team are life long musicians who have experience with machine tool technology, product design, development, and have made parts ranging from titanium golf ball drivers to Rolls Royce jet engines. This love of music along with a life long passion of product development is now focused on drum hardware.

Company History:

The =ego= saga began in 2003, with a vision to produce finely crafted drum lugs. 2 years later, after many lug designs, the =ego= team started developing other drum hardware such as the Ego Deluxe Throw Off. Today we are proud to offer the lastest member of the =ego= product line, the "Kickstand" bass spur. In the future we plan to keep adding more lug designs and introduce more products such as tom mounting systems, bass pedals, re-inventing the metal rim, etc.

The Ego Foot Print:

We are sensitive to the impact our products have on our customers and our planet. The "green" movement has increased consumer awareness regarding ingredients, materials and production techniques of all perishable and non perishable products that we use everyday.

By choosing =ego= you are purchasing not only a great looking & funtional product, but one that is produced with not just integrity, but more importantly environmentally ethical standards. These standards include using highly recyclable metals, such as aluminum, machining all products using CNC lathes and mills rather than die casting, and most importantly keeping production in house instead of outsourcing.

99% of all products manufactured by =ego= are made using Aircraft Aluminum. Every ounce of scrap metal left behind in the machining process is recycled back into aluminum that can be used agian for other applications. Aircraft aluminum is extremely light weight, infact it is so light weight that a typical =ego= lug weighs less than the average tensioning rod while maintaining its structural integrity allowing us to ship our products economically.

Ego Guarantee:

All ego products are guaranteed for life. If you receive a faulty product or are disatisfied with it send it back within 30 days for replacement. We take pride in our products and hope you will too. For more information click here to read our Terms and Conditions

Powder Coating Service:

We are proud to offer powder coating options on all of our products. Powder coating is a very ecologically freindly process that has become much more popular in the last 10 years. With EPA regulations growing more strict every year, powder coating is becoming the technology of choice.

Powder coating is much stronger than paint. It is a highly durable, rust free, decorative finish that lasts practically forever. Color options are virtually endless that inlcude matt, satin, smooth, textured, translucent and shiny finishes. We carry many colors and styles instock, however, if you are interested in other colors that are not inventoried let us know and we will do our best to make it happen. For more information regarding powder coat check out the Buyers Guide which also includes many color swatches to choose from.

Shell Services:

We also inventory Keller maple drum shells and offer bearing edge, snare bed, and drilling services. For those who would rather drill there shells themselves, we can help with mouting hole spacing along with proper tension rod lengths. For more info, make sure to check out the Buyers Guide.


Ego Industries, Inc. 12244 N.W. 10th St. Terrebonne, OR 97760


Now offering 24k gold plated hardware. Currently we are only offering gold plated hardware as a package deal per drum. This includes 2 hoops, lugs, our =ego= throw off and butt plate (optional: if your building a snare) as well as a 1/2" threaded airvent. No other exceptions, we cannot offer lugs only, or a throw off alone, the gold plated hardware is a package deal as stated above all for an additional fee of $199.99 not including the cost of the hardware. Call or email if interested in 24k gold plated hardware.




Single ply steam bent snare shells now available!! Below is a steam bent 14x5.5" Bird Peck Maple drum shell.

Bird peck maple